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What we can do for the Earth and Society  The Research and Development Division can be called the brain of ROKI Co., Ltd. In this division, new filter products and filtration technology are explored daily using state-of-the-art equipment. From the founding of our company, our approach has always been to look toward the future, while remaining committed to our production roots. “We strive to be a team of filtration professionals which creates added-value and contributes to society and the world.” That is the R & D concept of ROKI Co., Ltd.

We are always pursuing new technology.

ROKI Co., Ltd. contributes to society through development, production, and sales of our varied line of filtration products which all contain the latest filtration technology. We take pride in being a leading manufacturer of air cleaners, as well as in the fact that our air cleaners are accepted where top-level technology is a requirement: F-1 racing.

Our development staff always offers the best possible filtration system to meet the customer's requirements and available layout space. Our filtration professionals also act as guest engineers, working as a member of the customer's development team and using our years of filtration know-how to help develop their ideal filter. As engineers, it makes us proud to receive high appraisals regarding quality, speed, and value from our customers.

“Not only as a top-class Japanese maker with a major share of the domestic market, but also as filtration technology professionals, we will continually develop leading technology.”

ROKI's role, with filtration as the core competency.

ROKI's advanced filtration technology holds so many possibilities. The dual functions of filtration (removing unwanted materials, and extracting necessary materials) are of course useful with respect to motor-related products. But this know-how can also be applied to air, sound, and light, to help create a more comfortable living-space.

Our Advanced Technology Center (A.T.D.) is a section that tries to do just that: they chase new possibilities of filtration through development of new materials and creative thinking. Their unending challenge is outlined by their theme: “To search for the next generation's original technology”


Next-generation development that brings environmental preservation into view.

As environmental problems increase on a global scale, ROKI's filtration technology will become more and more important in the future.

Even now, ROKI technology is demonstrating its ability to function for the benefit of our beautiful earth. For example, we have already commercialized products which use natural materials and were designed to be easily disassembled and recycled. Another promising example our A.T.C. is focusing on is Fuel Cell Systems, which will have various usages including of course cars. Fuel Cells are an epoch-making power generation system that differs significantly from current energy systems because it makes electricity using hydrogen and oxygen in air. We are proceeding with research and development to allow us to use ROKI filtration technology for these systems.

At ROKI Co., Ltd., we will focus our advanced filtration technology in an effort to create value that contributes to society, industry, and the global environment.