Purchasing  Open, fair and balanced purchasing policies which can benefit all involved parties.
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Basic Purchasing Policy

Roki procurement activities are open and fair, and are based on the pursuit of competitive quality, technology, price and volume.

We demand top-level industry partners with a competitive edge and the ability to understand this basic policy.

We welcome all proposals.

Open and fair procurement based on competitive quality, technology, price, and volume.

Steps to Establishing a Supplier Relationship with ROKI Co., Ltd.

Major Procurement Items

Category Description Notes
Press General metal press Single-action, progressive, transformer
Welding type Spot, arc, brazing
Surface treatment Plating (zinc, zinc-nickel), coating, etc.
Resin Injection molding 70-1,000 tons
Blow molding 65~130mm
Processing Vibration welding, ultrasonic welding, resin coating, etc.
Rubber Injection molding 15~200 tons
Press molding 60~200 tons
Extrusion molding Tubing
Purchased goods / other items Purchased goods Bolts, nuts
Machined parts Cutting
Mass production dies Resin, metal press dies
Prototypes Resin, rubber and metal press parts
Raw materials Resin, steel plate, filter and adhesive materials

Procurement Items Wanted

Category Description Notes
Resin Injection molding 400~1000 tons
Blow molding 3D exchange blow (65-90mm)
Processing Resin coating (nylon), coating
Purchased goods / other items Mass production dies Resin molding dies
Prototypes Resin and rubber parts (and injection molding parts)

Supplier Application

Currently,we are not accepting any application.