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ROKI Co., Ltd.: Together with Nature.

Our Global Headquarters was designed in harmony with Nature. Its simple form and positioning were created to blend with the spirited Tenryu River below and the surrounding rolling mountains. We feel this is the perfect symbol of our policy toward preserving the environment.

01Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Declaration  At ROKI Co., Ltd., all employees shall actively promote the effective use of resources, energy, and products to protect the global environment and shall work towards environmental conservation.

Head Office

ROKI Co., Ltd. issued its environmental declaration in 1998. We have established a basic environmental policy and are actively pursuing environmental conservation activities. As a filter specialist, our work in developing eco-friendly automotive parts has been accompanied by a commitment to environmental initiatives that has included countermeasures for pollution control, tighter management of chemical substances, energy conservation, zero emissions, and the conversion to lead- and chrome-free products. We acquired ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification in March, 2004, and are committed to making further improvements that will involve additional energy savings in plants and sales offices, resource saving measures, reductions in waste and additional pollution controls.

As an example of our efforts, as a corporation, to preserve the environment, we are pursuing an initiative to establish a uniform recycling system. The old uniforms we collect are shredded and can be used as acoustic or heat insulation materials by automobile parts makers or construction companies.

Towands a sustainable society

To grow in the twenty-first century, a company needs to actively tackle environmental issues, to direct its managerial forces towards the environment, society and the economy, and to achieve outstanding results. With this in mind, ROKI Co., Ltd. is pursuing the following initiatives:

1.Energy conservation
  • Increased capacity utilization
  • Management of air-conditioning, lighting and office equipment
  • No vehicle idling
2.Waste reduction
  • 10% reductions in waste annually
  • Increased resin reuse rates
  • Increased waste plastic thermal recycling rates
3.Pollution controls
  • Switch from organic to water-based coating compounds
  • Switch from organic to water-based cleaning materials
  • Noise controls
  • Zero grease

We consistently aspire for harmony between people and the environment and we will contribute to the creation of an affluent and untroubled society.

02Safety and Stability based on ISO/TS16949 Certification


On September 3rd, 2014, we received a forestry certification (COC cerification) from the world-renowned Forest Stewardship Council.

The purpose of the FSC® certification is to globally promote forestry management that appropriately protects the environment and is socially benefitial as wellas being economically sustainable.This is the first time for a Japanese filter manufacturer to receive such certification. With this,we have been able to further bolster our environmental protection activities and gained the ability to meet the needs of customers requiring FSC certification in their products.

03Safety and Stability based on ISO/TS16949 Certification

Our Hamamatsu Plant is the production location for a wide variety of products; from automotive filters to air and water purifiers and from Fuel Cell Systems to Cogeneration Filter Systems. This Mother Plant plays a central role in the manufacturing of Roki, which is expanding globally.

In June 2008, ROKI's quality management system was certified by the international standard ISO / TS 16949 at Hamamatsu Plant , Head Office / ROKI Grobal Inovation Center (ROGIC) and Kumamoto Factory. Also in May 2018, the Hamamatsu Plant , Head Office and ROKI Grobal Inovation Center (ROGIC) have shifted to IATF 16949.

In addition, in order to offer the timely mass-production and the production method in global-level standard to overseas bases, we are proactively having the training staffs form the overseas factories.

Hamamatsu Plant

03Leading Edge Facilities Help Boost Creativity

With filtration as our core technology,in order to become a company that greatly contributes to the world,※ we at ROKI are not only expanding overseas but also are strengthening our domestic locations. In 2004, the Hamamatsu Factory was completed as the leading manufacturing site for the entire global ROKI group. Next, in 2006, under the concept of "realizing innovations," our Global Headquarters was completed to unify and manage the worldwide group including oversea subsidiaries.

This building won the Nikkei New Office Award (Minister of Economic, Trade and Industry Prize) as the No.1 office in Japan of the year※. Furthermore, in 2013, in order to explore next-gen innovative technologies , our research and development center ROKI Global Innovation Center (ROGIC) was completed utilizing the latest technologies. The facility was deemed as "Leading the Industry in Sustainable Buildings" ※ by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and was given the Livelihood/Environment Section Sustainable Building Promotion Award by the Shizuoka Prefecture.
※ With this addition,we have come to possess a full array of facilities and infrastructure in areas of R&D, production, sales and management that supports the global ROKI network, enabling us to provide high quality products for the better satisfaction of our customers

Hamamatsu Plant、Global Headquarters、New R & D Facility