Recent News and Current Topics

  • October 2012 Establishment of our Bangkok Branch Office ROKI S.E. ASIA Co., Ltd.
    Establishment of our Mexican subsidiary ROKI MEXICO S.A. de C.V.
  • September 2012 Establishment of our Detroit Branch Office ROKI N.C.S AMERICA Co., Ltd.
  • April 2012 Establishment of our Indian Branch Office
    ROKI Co.,Ltd. becomes a division of ROKI Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Change name to ROKI Holdings Co., Ltd.
    Shift to 'holding company' system.
  • August 2011 FILTECH VIETNAM Co.,Ltd. changed its name to ROKI VIETNAM Co., Ltd.
  • April 2011 FILTECH SUZHOU CO., LTD. changed its name to ROKI SUZHOU CO., LTD.
    TOYO ROKI(THAILAND)CO., LTD. changed its name to ROKI (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.
  • January 2011 FILTECH INC. has changed its name to ROKI AMERICA Co., Ltd.
  • December 2010 Establishment of our India subsidiary ROKI Minda Co. Private Limited
  • July 1st, 2008 We changed our name from Toyo Roki Mfg. Co., Ltd. to ROKI Co., Ltd.
  • We've changed our name! The background behind the change to ROKI Co., Ltd.