Corporate Profile Aiming to be No. 1, based on our Filtration Technology.
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Corporate Philosophy ROKI WAY

Corporate Mission

Putting top priority on quality, we strive to develop and supply products which stand-out worldwide.

Management's Vision

Challenge, Create, Infinity

Through our belief in the power of determination and imagination, we will continue to foster a company which is admired for providing original and safe products and services that contribute to society, industry, and the environment.

3 Pillars of our Management's Vision

  • Perseverance
    With our unfailing determination and effort, and a global viewpoint, we will supply products and services which can contribute to industry and society.
  • Create new value
    Through constant innovation of our products, our technology, and our thought processes, we will create leading-edge value.
  • Contribution to Society
    We consider it our responsibility to be concerned for the environment, and we pledge that all of our activities in R & D, production, and sales will help to sustain the environment.

Code of Conduct

Towards our customers,
Using our core competency in filtration, we will transform our concepts into original, high quality products which impress our customers.
Towards society and the environment,
As a responsible member of an industrial society, we will respect all laws and maintain transparent management practices. We will not be lazy in our efforts to promote the development of globalization, internationalization, and environmental preservation.
Towards our suppliers,
We aim to build tight partnerships, based on fairness and equality, which lead both parties down a road to prosperity.
Towards our employees,
ROKI will provide a comfortable, open work environment where employees are encouraged to use their individuality and spirit

Details & History


Company Name ROKI Co., Ltd.
Established April, 2012
Capital 350 million yen
Shareholder ROKI Holdings Co.,Ltd.
Representative Takaya Shimada, President & CEO
Employees Group total:4,000(as of March, 2015)
Main business activities Development and production of automotive filtration equipment
Development, production and sales of air and water purification systems
Development of fuel cell systems
Development of cogeneration filter systems
Offices Head office: 2396 Futamata, Futamata-cho, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka prefecture
Research Center, Hamamatsu Plant, Kumamoto Plant, Utsunomiya Sales Office
Group Companies ROKI AMERICA Co., Ltd. (U.S.A)
ROKI MINDA Co. Private Limited(INDIA)
ROKI Vietnam Co., Ltd. (VIETNAM)
Brunch office ROKI N.C.S. AMERICA Co., Ltd.(U.S.A)
ROKI Co.,Ltd. India Branch Office(INDIA)
Main customers AB VOLVO
Allison Transmission Inc.
Aisin AW Co., Ltd.
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd.
Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A.
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
General Motors Corp.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries
Kubota Corporation
Mazda Moter Corporation
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
Nissan Motor Corp.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
Panasonic Corporation Appliances Company
Piaggio & C. S.p.A.
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation
Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
Yanmar Co., Ltd.
(in alphabetic order)


Company History
April 1958 Established (as Toyo Roki Mfg. Co., Ltd.).
July 1963 Relocated HQ Plant to its current location and established an R&D facility.
June 1984 Mr. Hiromitsu Shimada was appointed president.
October 1989 Establishment of our US subsidiary FILTECH INC.
October 1994 Establishment of our Taiwanese subsidiary China Ocean Enterprise Co., Ltd.
November 1994 Establishment of our Thailand subsidiary Toyo Roki (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
August 1997 Acquisition of ISO9001 accreditation.
September 2001 Establishment of our Indonesian subsidiary PT Filtech Indonesia.
November 2001 Establishment of our Chinese subsidiary Filtech Suzhou Co., Ltd.
December 2002 Began producing the ion exchange unit.
February 2004 Completion of Hamamatsu Factory.
March 2004 ISO 14001 accreditation acquired by Hamamatsu and Kumamoto factories.
March 2005 Establishment of technical ties with Kunplast Karsai. (Hungary).
May 2005 Establishment of technical ties with Daeji Metals Co., Ltd. (Korea).
March 2006 Completion of the Global Headquarters Building
June 2006 Establishment of our Vietnam subsidiary ROKI Vietnam Co., Ltd.
July 2007 Establishment of technical ties with Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. (India).
June 2008 Mr. Takaya Shimada appointed President and CEO.
Acquisition of TS16949 accreditation.
July 2008 Change of company name to ROKI Co., Ltd.
December 2010 Establishment of our India subsidiary ROKI MINDA Co. Private Limited
January 2011 FILTECH INC. has changed its name to ROKI AMERICA Co., Ltd.
April 2011 TOYO ROKI(THAILAND)CO., LTD. changed its name to ROKI (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.
FILTECH SUZHOU CO., LTD. changed its name to ROKI SUZHOU Co., Ltd.
August 2011 FILTECH VIETNAM Co.,Ltd. changed its name to ROKI Vietnam Co., Ltd.
April 2012 Shift to 'holding company' system.
Change name to ROKI Holdings Co., Ltd.
ROKI Co., Ltd. becomes a division of ROKI Holdings Co., Ltd.
Establishment of our Indian Branch Office
September 2012 Establishment of our Detroit Branch Office ROKI N.C.S AMERICA Co.,Ltd
October 2012 Establishment of our Mexican subsidiary ROKI MEXICO S.A. de C.V.
Establishment of our Bangkok Branch Office ROKI S.E. ASIA Co.,Ltd.
October 2014 Establishment of our Europe Branch Office ROKI EUROPE S.A.R.L.
April 2015 Establishment of our Korea subsidiary ROKI KOREA Co., LTD.

Domestic Locations

Domestic Locations Map

Head Office

2396 Futamata, Futamata-cho, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka prefecture, 431-3314
TEL: 053-926-0550 (switchboard)
FAX: 053-926-0600

Access Map Traffic guide
Head Office

R&D Facility

2396 Futamata, Futamata-cho, Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka prefecture, 431-3314
TEL 053-926-0517 (switchboard)
FAX 053-926-0672

Access Map Traffic guide


R&D Facility

Hamamatsu Plant

7800 Nakaze, Hamakita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka prefecture, 434-0012
TEL: 053-588-0511 (switchboard)
FAX: 053-588-4491

Access Map Traffic guide
Hamamatsu Plant

Kumamoto Plant

1374 Obayashi, Otsu-cho, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto prefecture, 869-1219
TEL: 096-293-7213
FAX: 096-293-0461
Access Map
Kumamoto Plant

Utsunomiya Sales Office

Takachiho Bldg 7F, 3-2-18 Higashi-shukugo Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi prefecture, 321-0953
TEL: 028-639-4720
FAX: 028-639-4733
Access Map


Kyushu Plant

Currently in planning. Kyushu Plant Rendering


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